We Spread The Gospel Through Story Telling

The telling of biblical stories is the original way in which the sacred scriptures were communicated and we seek to use this medium as a means of evangelism because of the power of this oral tradition to impact the lives of the hearer as well as the teller.  Our goal then is two-fold, first, to diligently study the word God and learn it by heart, making a conscious effort to internalize the stories , connecting our lives to the characters therein that we might learn from them and be enriched spiritually.

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Just One Word…”Amazing”

Angela Haynes, WEDR

This was truly a “Great Production”

Reverend Benjamin Parrott and First Lady Lawana Parrott

It is a production everyone must see!

Jim Davis, Westside Gazette

A Must See!

Malika Wright, Miami Times

Oh my God! That was a spirit-filled production… will come again

Terry Rutherford

Great Production

Reverend Joe C. Johnson

A well told story has the potential to have a profound impact on its audience and has throughout history, in every culture been used as a means to educate, to preserve the integrity of cultures, and to teach moral values.

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